Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Watch Movies Online for Free: Classic “Our Gang”

Decades ago, previous generations had The Little Rascals as quality entertainment for all ages. Created in the 1920s by comedy producer Hal Roach, who also produced the “Laurel and Hardy” series, the Little Rascals, also known as “Our Gang”, were a series of short films that captured the natural reactions of children when confronted with different scenarios.

Roach came up with the idea for “Our Gang” upon looking out his office window, where he saw a group of young boys fighting over a pile of sticks and left him laughing. He believed that by capturing the same sense of youthful energy on film, he would be able to get himself a hit.

Our Gang” began as a series of silent short films in 1922. When sound was introduced into film starting with 1927’s “The Jazz Singer”, the makers of “Our Gang” tried to integrate it into the series, to sometimes lacklustre results. After a few years, however, the series seemed to have regained its footing and was able to return to the brand of humour it was known for during the silent era.

One of the most striking things about “Our Gang” was that it discriminated no one. It mixed white, black, and Oriental kids, boys and girls alike, with each other, which was rare in film at that time in history. This, and many other reasons, give the perfect excuse for film buffs like you to such watch movies online for free in all their frantic and funny glory.

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