Friday, 12 December 2014

Invisible, Talking Dog? Watch Free Movies Online!

Dog owners are accustomed to seeing their beloved pooches almost every day, and enjoy seeing their canine buddies jumping up and down and sometimes simply cuddling with them on the bed—but what if things suddenly became different, in a sense that the dog does things he/she isn’t supposed to do, like become invisible, or even talk?
That’s what bullied teenager Chad Sheppard experienced with his canine companion Abner, in the 2013 family comedy film Abner, the Invisible Dog, viewable at certain sites where people can watch free movies online. Chad and Abner’s lives changed drastically on the eve of his 13th birthday, when he stumbled upon a top-secret government-developed serum that turns Abner invisible and gives him the ability to talk.

However, the serum was actually stolen by bad guys, and they’re out to get it back. This is when it gets rowdy (with things getting more complicated as neighbourhood bullies out to get Chad also figure in the fray). It’s a frantic race against time for Chad and his invisible, talking dog Abner to save the day. Directed by Fred Olen Ray and starring David DeLuise, David Chokachi, and Daniel Zykov, Abner, the Invisible Dog is a movie full of laughs and adventures sure to delight the entire family. 

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