Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Dealing with Mistaken Identity in a Western

A group of cowboys, Vern, Wes, and Otis, camp out in a criminal hideout and, in a case of mistaken identity, are attacked by a band of vigilantes seeking justice. They immediately lose Otis, and the other two barely escape. This is less likely to happen these days because most people have IDs and can be recognised by face, so they can rest assured that they will not be in any trouble from being mistaken for someone else. The heroes of “Ride in the Whirlwind” are not so lucky. 

Going on the Run

But Vern and Wes does have some things going for them. Staying out of sight today is impossible with tools readily available for bounty hunters and enforcers, like cameras, helicopters, GPS, internet, photography, and a lot more. Back in the old west, because of the absence of these devices, a person could easily disappear. Vern and Wes manage to take refuge in a farm owned by a young woman, Abigail, and her parents. That place was ideal for a hideout, owing to the isolation it provided. However, this is an adventure movie, so of course things couldn't stay peaceful like that.

What If?

Would the cowboys have avoided getting into trouble if the movie were set today? This is one thing the thinking audience can do while watching. Compare the scenes onscreen with the current world, and imagine what could have been. People imagine what they’d do in a zombie apocalypse; thinking about how one would make do as a cowboy would be a similar kind of challenge for the imaginative viewer. You can make more critical observations and imagine yourself in other do-or-die scenarios by watching them unfold on Viewlorium.com, the best place to let people watch free movies online.

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