Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Want Giant Monsters? Watch Movies Online Free!

There's something about giant monsters that fascinates the American film industry into making a movie about them. Sharknado 2 won't be the last of these films, as long as filmmakers can get their creative juices flowing. If not enlarged animals, then perhaps swarms on a rampage like those in Kingdom of the Spiders or mutations like Empire of the Ants.

Giant-monster films, as they're called, aren't anything new. The Lost World and King Kong are probably the most iconic of their kind, setting the standard for future generations of movies. It's important to note that these were made at an age when special effects were comparatively primitive. The necessary technology to make these creatures more lifelike didn't appear until later in the century.

This is what made these industry icons famous, spawning remakes and inspirations to this day. Among the latest of these is Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus, the story of two prehistoric creatures released by accident from their arctic prison.

The industry's fascination with giant animals continues, so there won't be no reason to watch movies online for free on the subject. Who knows what it'll come up with next? If the future speaks of a monster saving Earth from a galactic cataclysm, it just might work.

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