Friday, 19 December 2014

To Watch Movies Online for Free is to Discover New

In 18-Year-Old Virgin, would-be graduate Kate desires to sleep with dream guy, Ryan Lambert; only to find out that he refuses to do it with a virgin. The movie's main plot sees a desperate Kate setting out to look for someone who would agree to pop her cherry.

At the very least, where this movie comes from, this is common knowledge. Society holds the cards in establishing what is good and bad; as more males feel better about becoming a man, virgin ostracism persists. The truth, however, is on the other side of the spectrum: Several studies show that women who lose virginity also lose their self-esteem.

In 1995, researchers at Central Washington University surveyed 87 men and 122 women on impressions about their first night in bed. They found out that women felt more afraid, nervous, and embarrassed; the polar opposite of what the majority of society thinks. Researchers concluded that long-enduring double standards are to blame.

Movies are no strangers in mirroring society as a whole, and films that play a part in dispelling myths may just be the slap in the face society needs. Luckily, several websites offer you the chance to watch movies online for free.

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