Sunday, 30 November 2014

Animated Holidays: Watch Movies Online for Free

Are your kids still singing that song from “Frozen”? Well, it’s time to let it go and instead turn to these equally entertaining animated films perfect for the holidays. Good thing there are fast-streaming sites now that let you watch movies online for free.

First on our list is the 1991 animated adaptation of L. Frank Baum’s classic book, The Wizard of Oz. Just in case your kids are still uninitiated to the greatest modern American fairy tale, here’s a brief summary you can tell them: Dorothy and her dog, Toto, are whisked away from Kansas to the wonderful Land of Oz. To go back home, Dorothy must follow the Yellow Brick Road that leads to the Emerald City, where the Wonderful Wizard of Oz can grant her wish.

Now You Can Watch English Movies Online and Find Rare Superhero Flicks

Every comic book fan should know Thor. People nowadays mostly associate the Norse God of Thunder with Chris Hemsworth’s portrayal in the 2011 smash hit Thor. Yet this movie also has its own mockbuster that is worth poking fun at. Released around the same time as the Hollywood hit, The Asylum’s Almighty Thor features Cody Deal in the titular role engaged in an epic quest to recover the Hammer of Invincibility from Loki. The main difference between Almighty Thor and the Marvel movie is that the former has Loki orchestrating the demise of Thor’s father, Odin, and older brother, Balder.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Horror Week: Get the Thrills at Home and Watch Movies Online for Free

November is the best month for thrill seekers. There’s Trick-or-Treating, visiting haunted houses, or trading ghost stories in cemeteries and dark rooms. But as far as adrenaline rushes go, nothing beats seeing monsters, ghouls, and other horrific creatures brought to life on the big screen or on your portable device. Launch the scares with movies such as “Taintlight”, “The Sandman”, and “The Curse Of Lizzie Borden 2: Prom Night”. Dare to watch all of these by yourself, or make their screening a chilling bonding experience with your friends and family.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Watch Movies Online Free with Viewlorium’s Monthly Movie Festivals

November is prime spooky time, and you can maximize it through Viewlorium’s Horror Week. Turn off all the lights and settle in for a frightening ride with “Taintlight”, “Poison Sweethearts”, “The Sandman”, “The Dead Next Door”, and “The Curse Of Lizzie Borden 2: Prom Night”. You can watch all of these with your friends and family at home–or, if you’re daring enough, alone in your own room. Come December, children will be spending most of their time around the house, so keep the boredom at bay by having them sit down with a bowl full of popcorn or candies, and making them melt during Cute Animals Week. Call their buddies over for play time and let them spend delightful hours watching “Cutest Kittens”, “Fabulous Foals”, and “Precious Puppies”.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Watch Movies Online with Free Streaming

The best things in life are free, and these days, the best thing that could ever come for free is streaming video. After all, who wouldn’t want to watch Mega Piranha or Alien Abduction anytime, anywhere, without paying anything?

When people watch movies online for free, they make an immediate way to entertain themselves whenever they feel bored. The good thing is that these free videos offer something for everyone. You want educational videos for academic purposes? Check. You want to see documentaries about the environment? The Internet has those as well.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Catch the T-Rex, Watch Movies Online Free

Dinosaurs have always had a place in people’s minds as awesome creatures that were unfortunately wiped out of the earth—but even if they’ve been extinct for millions of years, they still show up in popular culture, be it in books, movies, television, and even games.
One of the most popular dinosaurs is the Tyrannosaurs Rex. Weighing in an estimated 40 tons, standing up to 4 meters, and about 40 feet in length, the T-Rex was an apex predator and the most imposing carnivorous dinosaur to ever walk the earth. Its name, in Latin, means “Tyrant Lizard King,” and armed with sharp teeth that are as big as steak knives, few can contest its title.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Popular Cult Films: Watch Movies Online Free

The most basic definition of a ‘cult film’ is a movie that has attracted a cult-like following, for one reason or another. That said, this isn’t a very accurate definition when it comes down to it, because even the most popular movies today have their own “cults”, yet they’re not considered as cult films by critics. So what exactly makes a cult film? More importantly, what makes cult films very popular?

Monday, 17 November 2014 is Giving Video Piracy the Left Hook

Bursting onto the personal entertainment seen is Australian based, offering the world free streaming movies. In a survey made by Business Insider and Survey Monkey, 61% of 549 respondents said that they take advantage of these free streaming movie services and watch licensed content online.

Surge of Free Movies in the Online Age

As computers as well as handheld devices have become more affordable for more people, the platform for media consumption has started to evolve. Today, the internet has now become an integral source of entertainment and media content. In fact, according to a recent survey made by Ericsson,75 percent of over 23000 respondentsreported to have watched any type of streamed video numerous times a week or even more. On the other hand, 77 percent reported to have watched broadcast television several times a week. This shows that online viewing is now almost at par with traditional television viewing.

Watch Movies Online Free: Aliens

People can't get enough of alien abduction stories. On one side, it fuels in-depth investigations and out-of-this-world theories (no pun intended), while on the other, it gives reason to dispute and debunk them. As this often results in a never-ending argument, it’s up to you to believe what you want to believe. One thing's for certain: it's good material for a lot of alien-genre films, which folks who love to watch movies online free are sure to lap up.

Take the aptly-named Alien Abduction, where an entire family comes face to face with aliens in North Carolina. In an interview with Fangoria, director Matty Beckerman (this is his first directed movie, by the way) said the inspiration came from an 800-year-old legend.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Everything’s Better When Mega

Despite being among Earth’s top predators, humans have long had a healthy fear of animals with pointy dentures. While we’ve been able to overcome, and even subdue, some of our toothy horrors—think canines that are now our best friends—there are others that will forever be the stuff of our terrors, especially those with primitive, in-domesticable natures.

With their sharp, serrated teeth, piranhas constantly rank among our greatest animal fears, despite actual scientific disagreement about their conceived lethality. Consequently, these aquatic creatures have been continuing sources of intrigue and top-grade nightmare fuel for moviegoers the world over, pushing them back on the edges of their seats with vivid images of terrifyingly toothy visages ripping off human flesh.

Facing the Terror

If you’re a fan of horror movies, you probably love nothing more than to sit down and do an hours-long marathon of online movie watching without a flinch. While some horror movies are just too raw for general release, they have nevertheless gone on to become cult films. Some of them are worth a stream:

Thursday, 13 November 2014

They Don’t Come in Peace

In February 1942, U.S. armed forces defend Los Angeles from unidentified flying objects. Seventy years later, the alien invaders return to finish the attack. The new breed of U.S. armed forces face the aliens as they try to take over Los Angeles and end the rule of humanity on Earth. With the help of seasoned fighters from Second World War and betrayal from humanoids, aliens wish to colonize the Earth and end human existence.

Sounds familiar? Maybe the individual elements do. But considering how these different kinds of awesomeness—the US military, hostile beings from outer space, and WWII vet—are packed into one film, this movie’s a great way to get an action flick fix, satisfying the movie buff’s thirst for various kinds of action. 

Battle of Los Angeles

Distributed by The Asylum in 2011, Battle of Los Angeles is released with the tagline “They don’t come in peace.” Starring Kel Mitchell, Nia Peeples and Theresa Jun-Tao, Battle of Los Angeles was followed by War of the Worlds 2: The Next Wave.

On the fence about buying this movie on video? Well, anyone interested in this movie doesn’t have to spend one cent to see it. Just visit to watch free movies online, search for Battle of Los Angeles, and click “Play”!

Modern-Day Classic

A modern-day take on the classic 3 Musketeers novel by Alexadre Dumas, 3 Musketeers is directed by Cole McKay released in 2011. 3 Musketeers stars underground artists like Heather Hemmens, Alan Rachins, XIN and David Chokachi. Distributed by The Asylum, the film is released with the tagline “All for one… And guns for all!”

3 Musketeers

Set in the near-future USA, when junior NSA officer Alexandra D’Artagnan uncovers a plot by a corrupt general to assassinate the President of the United States, she enlists the help of three international spies to stop the threat. To stop the coup by the corrupt general, the 3 Musketeers fight the battle with guns, warships and martial arts. Special effects, thrilling action, and some tongue-in-cheek comedy come together in this wild adventure.

If you’re looking for a modern action film that brings a twist to a classic story, this is a good one to watch. The best part? You don’t have to watch it in a movie house or even buy a video copy! This free online English movie is available at Just visit the site, search for the title, and click “play” to watch 3 Musketeers.

Free Streaming Movies Online vs. Downloading

When confronted with two choices, we tend to lean towards convenience. If it’s easily accessible, affordable, and high-quality, then it’s the perfect choice. The most popular alternatives to watching movies in the cinema are free streaming movies online and downloading them. What’s a better choice between the two?


Downloading Movies

After being connected to the file source, the movies you choose to download are being saved to your hard drive. Some prefer this option because they can copy or move the file to other devices. However, this doesn’t apply to copyright-protected file. Downloading movies takes time. Before you can watch it, you have to wait until the download is complete. Easy enough? Not quite.


Free Streaming Movies Online

As long as you’ve got a mobile gadget or a computer and an internet connection, online streaming is the most ideal option of watching movies. Forget allotting disk space and forget waiting for the movies to finish downloading; a few seconds of buffer is all it takes before you can finally sit comfortably on your couch and munch on cheesy popcorn while watching an action-packed movie.

Online streaming is the trend. Viewlorium offers you a wide range of movies from all types of genres. There are action movies with your friends from the baseball team, comedy classics with your long-lost friends, drama films to bond with your family, or horror films for a cuddly night with your girlfriend. Free streaming movies online lets you turn plain weekend nights to exciting ones without spending a single penny. What’s the better choice? Let me hear you.

Going Undercover to Uncover

Be prepared for a bloody and heart-racing 80-minute show with yet another prison-fighting flick that is packed with mystery and violence. Burke Wyatt, a dismissed cop, rekindles his love for the force after a conversation with his friend from the FBI. Burke is offered a job, but it entails committing a crime himself. With the promise of a trust fund for his son and his reinstatement on the force, is the sacrifice of taking on the job worth it?

The film shows the clichés of underground flight clubs, tarnished and cruel security prisons, corrupt jail wardens, and filthy rich men who take joy over watching other people get hurt or even killed. But what sets Ring of Death apart from other prison fighting flicks? It depicts reality. It is dirty and bloody. This is perfect for movie buffs who love authentic fighting scenes. Blood spurts, bones break, and faces swell. No holds barred, no punches pulled.

If plain and neat fighting scenes already bore you, Ring of Death is highly recommended. The grit and the authenticity of the fighting scenes come through clearly. Invite friends over for a movie night that’s gut-wrenching and heart-pounding. And there’s no need to spend a lot for a movie on a dull Friday night when you watch movies for free online. When there’s nothing more to do, Viewlorium’s the site for you.

The Best Things in Life are Free Movies

Good-quality free streaming movies sites are hard to find. View Lorium has a wide array of independent and great movies that you could watch online for free. One of the many movies in their list is a science-fiction horror film called Alien Abduction.

Alien Abduction

Released in 2005, Alien Abduction was distributed by The Asylum. Directed and Written by Eric Forsberg, the film was released with the tagline: “The war of the worlds has just begun!”, referencing the 1898 novel The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells.

When a group of teenagers went on a camping trip to spend a night of drinking and hanging out, a light appears from above and the unfortunate happened. Trying to put together what was happening, all five are suddenly abducted by a UFO. They wake up in a cell on the ship and eventually rounded up and pushed into a room where they are tied down and vivisected.

The kind of horror the group faces haunts them till they get back to Earth. Hospitalized, tested and electric shocked, the members of the group try to recall episodes and flashbacks of the abduction. To watch Alien Abduction for free, visit

Ghost or Karma?

In high school, pulling up a prank is one of the things you do to be remembered by the whole school, whether it’s on a fellow student, a teacher or the principal. Worse comes to worst; someone gets hurt and there are consequences that sticks to your track record that could tarnish your reputation. When bad things start happening to you, do you know that it’s karma or the ghost of high school’s past?

Fear Itself

Fear Itself is about a group of high-school students who take a prank too far. The group buries someone alive in the nearby woods and unfortunately, he turns up dead. With their efforts to hide the crime, the members of the group start dying one after the other. Fearing that the ghost of the one they pranked is haunting them, they try to save themselves and try to make amends.

Eventually, everyone in the group reaches their respective destinies. Could it be karma taking a life for a life, or a mysterious murderer avenging an uneventful death?

If you’re wondering about the ending, you don’t have to wonder for long. Fear Itself is one of the free movies to watch online on Tablet, smartphone, or PC: whatever you use, you can enjoy the film your way, any day.

Online Streaming and All its Glory

Internet access is a basic for every household and business everywhere today. Wifi has now become a necessity especially with the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets. Which begs the questions, why not take your TV with you, where ever you go? That’s exactly what free online movie streaming does for you. As long as you’re connected to the internet, you can bring entertainment with you as you go.

5 Advantages of Online Streaming

• Accessibility – From laptops to tablets and even smartphones, online movie streaming is possible as long as you have internet connection.

• Numerous movies to choose from – The selection of movies available for free online movie streaming is a long list. You can watch from dawn till dusk and have more for the next movie binging day.

• Instant Playback – If you miss a conversation, or you’re not sure what’s happening anymore, you can easily turn back time and play back the parts you’ve missed.

• Piracy Protection – Streaming video is harder to copy and stops users from illegally obtaining the material, while at the same time users can visit the website and watch the movies as many times as they like.

• Great move quality – HD and DVD quality movies only. Unlike downloading files, free online movies streaming, gives you access to movies that are worth watching.

Watching Movies Free Online

There are many websites that offer movie streaming, but they come with a price. They also take time to load and offer a long list of broken links. For free streaming movies online at anytime and anywhere, you can always trust Viewlorium.

Find Your Way into Utopia

Honor, hard work, and faith are the three main lessons you can learn from this uplifting movie about a struggling rookie golfer and his journey in Utopia. With a population of 373 (or rather 375 because someone in the town just had twins), a small town can bring big inspiration for the whole family. When you put together a hotheaded golfer who recently suffered a widely publicised meltdown (Luke Chisholm played by Lucas Black) and a retired pro golfer living in the small town of Utopia (Johnny Crawford played by Robert Duvall), you get a well-told tale of self-discovery and faith.

Struggles of the Past

Luke’s troubles begin long before he crashes into the fence of a small town ranch. The pressure he has felt from his father to succeed as a golfer becomes the reason why he lost faith in himself and his game. All this changes the moment Johnny takes him under his wing and utters “Spend seven days in Utopia, and you’ll find your game”. It’s through Johnny’s profound outlook on life, love, and faith that makes Luke realise how his actions in the past weren’t exactly appropriate, and he soon comes to terms with the real path he has to take for his future.

Life is Never the Same Once You’ve Been to Utopia

Just like Luke Chisholm in the movie, you will be able to appreciate life in a small town. The values and their way of looking at life are refreshing and inspiring. The way Matt Russell, the director of the movie chose to end it was a twist of real genius and that will leave the viewer uplifted.

Instead of reading about the ending in spoilers, why not take the time to watch this very beautifully shot movie through free online movie streaming? We’ll guarantee that you’ll also cherish the time you’ll spend in the green fields of Utopia.

Entertainment of Jurassic Proportions

If you’re thinking about going out and taking a dip in the ocean this weekend, you might just change your mind after watching “Jurassic Shark”. Or maybe not, seeing as there are no 50 foot Megalodon sharks that are trapped underneath the Earth’s crust waiting to pounce on unsuspecting college kids. When you decide to mix in a massive sized shark, clueless college kids out for a day of fun on the beach, an ambitious scientist, and art thieves, you are sure to get a cult classic that everyone will love to hate. 

Dinosaur from the Deep

The key to watching this movie and enjoying it, is to have an open mind and not take things too seriously. You will surely laugh as this monstrous shark achieves feats that no one would think possible. From jumping onto the shore to claim its prey and summersaulting right back into the water to avoiding being detected while stalking its next victim, this gargantuan monster of the deep will leave you questioning the laws of physics. If watching a giant shark jump 15 feet into the air isn’t enough to draw you into watching this movie, what will, right? 

Watch if for Yourself

Don’t just take our word for it. You can watch Jurassic Shark for yourself through free online movie streaming and judge it for yourself. Prepare yourself for a night of cult horror movie entertainment… of Jurassic proportions, of course!

Halloween Flick

Halloween is just around the corner and we all know everyone likes a good scare once in a while. So, what’s the best way to entertain yourself and get some goosebumps on fright night? Whether it’s dressing up looking the scariest zombie, going on a ghost hunting spree or watching scary movies online for free, this month is one of the best months to do it.


Paranormal Entity

Based on the hit Paranormal Activity, Paranormal Entity gives you a different flick with the same appeal. Director and screenplay writer Shane Van Dyke also stars in Paranormal Entity as Thomas, the older brother of Samantha, one of the victims in the film.

The film revolves around the story of Thomas, Samantha and their mother, Ellen in their house solving and investigating the rape of Samantha by an incubus. Thomas suggests that his mother and sister stay in a hotel while he sets up bells and traps to follow the demon that has been pestering their family.

Thomas receives a phone call from Ellen saying that the demon followed them to the hotel and attacked Samantha. Upon returning to the house, Samantha hunches over in pain. Thomas wakes up at night to find his sister missing from her bedroom. He then finds the attic ladder hanging down and ascends it to find her standing there undressed, in a trance. Upon waking, Samantha doesn’t recall what happened to her.

In the middle of the film, the family consults a psychic to help them solve the mystery of the ghost demon raping Samantha.

We could tell you more… but we’ll stop here.

Is the suspense killing you? No need to let it! Find out how and if the family escapes from being tormented in a nightmare by checking out, where you can watch movies online for free to your heart’s content.

There’s Got to Be Music in Movies

Four decades ago, music was only included in motion pictures to keep the audience mum. Well, that is what people from the industry say, but the oldies will tell you it’s because the projectors are just too noisy. From motion pictures to 3D films, music has been retained and while there are crude reasons such as it keeps the audience from being distracted, there’s no denying that a movie without music feels incomplete. The lack of a movie soundtrack might only cause the ordinary viewer to throw tantrums and whine just for the lack of it, but the true-blooded movie buffs understand that the absence of this element is a big deficiency.

What Can Music Do?

Imagine an epic battle, a car chase, or an introduction of a hero without music. Imagine a woman walking through an empty and dark haunted house without the sound of a door squeaking. How will you know if a ghost is walking without hearing its footsteps? Scores sets the mood. The drum rolls and the trumpet sounds prepare you for a King’s arrival. The score is important for emphasis.

Music and Lyrics without music and lyrics? It’s just not possible! Pop songs for chick flicks, love songs for romantic stories, and rap songs for action movies aren’t only for promotional purposes. Indeed, it encourages die-hard fans to buy artists’ records and helps the movie rise up to become a box office. But what is a movie without a soundtrack? Where do we get the feels?

Music makes movies timeless. We remember the movies through songs and vice versa. It creates memories. Perhaps there is some science in here. Have you ever felt like you want to listen to the songs even after the movie has finished? You can’t do that in the cinema, though. This is why music enthusiasts prefer to watch movies for free online. Hit rewind, put the songs and the movie on repeat. It’s free, anyway.

When Sexy and Sultry Goes Sleazy

Once again, Chemical Burn Entertainment offers us a specialty genre that’s equally entertaining, thrilling, and thought-provoking. It is certainly not a company that could produce something that can match the caliber of an Oscar movie, but the intrigue and controversy that emanate from this movie is certainly worth your time. 


Not Really a Common Scheme

Lots of movies carry a plot that involves a struggling ambitious girl who has no other option but to cling to a knife’s edge to be successful. Cam Girl, however, injects the element of thrill in the movie. Layla Randle-Conde’s portrayal of the lead is superb. Some might go after the movie because so much time involves dressing, undressing, and suggestive squirming on the bed. But the emotional drama will show the core of the story: that to make ends meet, she has to compromise her values and principles. The movie depicts voyeurism, real struggle, and shock. The emotional rollercoaster is not the only element that will keep you watching, but also the suspense as an unseen menace constantly keeps an eye on our lead.

In the pursuit of ambition and success, one can go too far. Layla may have overcome the struggle as she got the hang of it all, but is it all worth it? As her fears became fulfillment of fantasies and as her bent ideals became norms, what else is in compromise? This sexy thriller surely doesn’t fall short of scandal. Cam Girl keeps you guessing and stalking until the end.

In the mood for something more risqué than the usual? Cam Girl may be just the film for you! You can choose to watch it on video, but with a good internet connection and a PC, tablet, or smartphone, you can also watch it on Viewlorium, a site where you can watch free English movies online.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

You Can Watch Novel-inspired Movies Online

Some of the best storylines ever seen on the big screen started out as books and novels that are still popular today or otherwise have a solid following. In fact, Hollywood production houses have made multiple adaptations of classics like The Three Musketeers, Dracula, and Frankenstein alongside works by famous authors of young-adult fiction such as J.K. Rowling and Stephenie Meyer. Many novel-inspired movies even recorded unprecedented box office results during the weekend following their premieres.

Benefits of Video Streaming

There was a time when Internet speeds were a paltry 56kbps, and websites with pictures were considered cutting edge. Thanks to advances in technology, though, the average Internet connection in the country is now a respectable 6 Mbps, allowing folks to watch videos online with little trouble.

Indeed, watching or “streaming” movies online has become a viable alternative to visiting the local theater, and this new means of content consumption offers many benefits:

Monday, 10 November 2014

Go Online and Get These Three for Free

The best things in life may be free, but some free things do require a decent Internet connection. Here are three things you can get online without dropping a cent:

Mockbusters, Anyone?

You’ve probably seen them on sales shelves before: inexpensive movies that look somewhat similar to major Hollywood productions—like Transmorphers to the Transformers. Affectionately dubbed as “mockbusters”, these films capitalize on the success of blockbusters by creating something similar to, but entirely different from, the originals.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Journey to Dinosaur Island

Previously released as The Land that Time Forgot, the film revolves around the lives of two newlywed couples and takes place in present day. The two pairs are on a charter boat cruise through the Caribbean where they encounter a bizarre storm. As the storm passes, they find themselves off the shore of a mysterious island. As they explore the island, they discover its inhabitants are from different periods in history, including prehistoric wildlife and a crew from a German World War II submarine. The couples battle the inhabitants in an effort to survive and return to their own time.

Can Films Prepare You for the Rise of the Undead?

Did you know that an American health institute has a blog dedicated to zombie apocalypse preparedness? In 2011, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) started flippant discussions and cashed in on the dominance of the undead in pop culture. It may seem bizarre for a reputable agency, but the CDC tackled the issue with practicality and mainly advised families to be prepared for any emergency– including a zombie apocalypse.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Dissecting Cults… Not That Kind of Cult!

If you’ve been an avid film fan and spend the time to check out details on one movie before watching in theatres, there may have been some that escaped your attention. You even hear of certain movies that reportedly achieved the status of “cult films,” or gained a so-called “cult following.” It can be easy to dismiss such movies as the handiwork of some religious order by the genre title alone, but what really makes a cult film a cult film?

Life Out There… or Is It?

Extra-terrestrial life has fascinated people for millennia and has given rise to various forms of pop culture about humans having first contact with alien beings. Some movies, like  Alien Abduction, boast various degrees of entertainment value. Many people have also come out of the woodwork claiming that aliens actually kidnapped them and performed various medical experiments. Still, it leaves you to ask “why do people love watching movies about aliens?”