Thursday, 13 November 2014

Halloween Flick

Halloween is just around the corner and we all know everyone likes a good scare once in a while. So, what’s the best way to entertain yourself and get some goosebumps on fright night? Whether it’s dressing up looking the scariest zombie, going on a ghost hunting spree or watching scary movies online for free, this month is one of the best months to do it.


Paranormal Entity

Based on the hit Paranormal Activity, Paranormal Entity gives you a different flick with the same appeal. Director and screenplay writer Shane Van Dyke also stars in Paranormal Entity as Thomas, the older brother of Samantha, one of the victims in the film.

The film revolves around the story of Thomas, Samantha and their mother, Ellen in their house solving and investigating the rape of Samantha by an incubus. Thomas suggests that his mother and sister stay in a hotel while he sets up bells and traps to follow the demon that has been pestering their family.

Thomas receives a phone call from Ellen saying that the demon followed them to the hotel and attacked Samantha. Upon returning to the house, Samantha hunches over in pain. Thomas wakes up at night to find his sister missing from her bedroom. He then finds the attic ladder hanging down and ascends it to find her standing there undressed, in a trance. Upon waking, Samantha doesn’t recall what happened to her.

In the middle of the film, the family consults a psychic to help them solve the mystery of the ghost demon raping Samantha.

We could tell you more… but we’ll stop here.

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