Monday, 3 November 2014

Life Out There… or Is It?

Extra-terrestrial life has fascinated people for millennia and has given rise to various forms of pop culture about humans having first contact with alien beings. Some movies, like  Alien Abduction, boast various degrees of entertainment value. Many people have also come out of the woodwork claiming that aliens actually kidnapped them and performed various medical experiments. Still, it leaves you to ask “why do people love watching movies about aliens?”

Curiosity Killed The Cat?
Alien movies tickle curiosity among people who believe there’s life out there in the cosmos, especially when the production design is detailed enough to show viewers an alien race’s home world and their way of life. A case in point will be Star Wars: A New Hope, which showed scenes of the desert planet of Tatooine and the Death Star. Some young children who watched the movie even wrote fan letters to some of the characters.  

There are movies about aliens living on Earth who look human but possess powers that if unleashed, can make them a target of human resentment. Some experts see it as a study on accepting people of other backgrounds. Certain movies try to see human life from the alien’s point of view.

In the end, movies about extra-terrestrials are meant to excite people in the hopes that one day, perhaps beings from an advanced civilization will come in peace.

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