Thursday, 13 November 2014

There’s Got to Be Music in Movies

Four decades ago, music was only included in motion pictures to keep the audience mum. Well, that is what people from the industry say, but the oldies will tell you it’s because the projectors are just too noisy. From motion pictures to 3D films, music has been retained and while there are crude reasons such as it keeps the audience from being distracted, there’s no denying that a movie without music feels incomplete. The lack of a movie soundtrack might only cause the ordinary viewer to throw tantrums and whine just for the lack of it, but the true-blooded movie buffs understand that the absence of this element is a big deficiency.

What Can Music Do?

Imagine an epic battle, a car chase, or an introduction of a hero without music. Imagine a woman walking through an empty and dark haunted house without the sound of a door squeaking. How will you know if a ghost is walking without hearing its footsteps? Scores sets the mood. The drum rolls and the trumpet sounds prepare you for a King’s arrival. The score is important for emphasis.

Music and Lyrics without music and lyrics? It’s just not possible! Pop songs for chick flicks, love songs for romantic stories, and rap songs for action movies aren’t only for promotional purposes. Indeed, it encourages die-hard fans to buy artists’ records and helps the movie rise up to become a box office. But what is a movie without a soundtrack? Where do we get the feels?

Music makes movies timeless. We remember the movies through songs and vice versa. It creates memories. Perhaps there is some science in here. Have you ever felt like you want to listen to the songs even after the movie has finished? You can’t do that in the cinema, though. This is why music enthusiasts prefer to watch movies for free online. Hit rewind, put the songs and the movie on repeat. It’s free, anyway.

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