Thursday, 6 November 2014

Can Films Prepare You for the Rise of the Undead?

Did you know that an American health institute has a blog dedicated to zombie apocalypse preparedness? In 2011, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) started flippant discussions and cashed in on the dominance of the undead in pop culture. It may seem bizarre for a reputable agency, but the CDC tackled the issue with practicality and mainly advised families to be prepared for any emergency– including a zombie apocalypse.

Even the Pentagon is said to have prepared for a zombie takeover, which they consider an alarming national disaster. The military is supposedly ready to survive an attack and protect the populace.

These and other related news stories can make you rethink if zombies are truly just fictional, which might encourage you to prepare and stay on the safe side. Aside from reading up on all the speculations, one thing you can do is dive into films.

One way or another, you’re bound to learn some practical survival skills in movies like Zombie Wars or Song of the Dead. You’ll get an idea of what could happen if a theoretical zombie virus spreads, infects large areas of several countries, and you have to deal with infected humans. Luckily, with many less-populated lands, Australia is a good place to be if ever such horrifying disasters start, so it just might be a matter of stashing enough supplies and weapons for protection. Until you find out for real, it’s best to leave such scenarios to the security of the small screen.

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