Thursday, 13 November 2014

Entertainment of Jurassic Proportions

If you’re thinking about going out and taking a dip in the ocean this weekend, you might just change your mind after watching “Jurassic Shark”. Or maybe not, seeing as there are no 50 foot Megalodon sharks that are trapped underneath the Earth’s crust waiting to pounce on unsuspecting college kids. When you decide to mix in a massive sized shark, clueless college kids out for a day of fun on the beach, an ambitious scientist, and art thieves, you are sure to get a cult classic that everyone will love to hate. 

Dinosaur from the Deep

The key to watching this movie and enjoying it, is to have an open mind and not take things too seriously. You will surely laugh as this monstrous shark achieves feats that no one would think possible. From jumping onto the shore to claim its prey and summersaulting right back into the water to avoiding being detected while stalking its next victim, this gargantuan monster of the deep will leave you questioning the laws of physics. If watching a giant shark jump 15 feet into the air isn’t enough to draw you into watching this movie, what will, right? 

Watch if for Yourself

Don’t just take our word for it. You can watch Jurassic Shark for yourself through free online movie streaming and judge it for yourself. Prepare yourself for a night of cult horror movie entertainment… of Jurassic proportions, of course!

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