Friday, 14 November 2014

Everything’s Better When Mega

Despite being among Earth’s top predators, humans have long had a healthy fear of animals with pointy dentures. While we’ve been able to overcome, and even subdue, some of our toothy horrors—think canines that are now our best friends—there are others that will forever be the stuff of our terrors, especially those with primitive, in-domesticable natures.

With their sharp, serrated teeth, piranhas constantly rank among our greatest animal fears, despite actual scientific disagreement about their conceived lethality. Consequently, these aquatic creatures have been continuing sources of intrigue and top-grade nightmare fuel for moviegoers the world over, pushing them back on the edges of their seats with vivid images of terrifyingly toothy visages ripping off human flesh.

While regular piranhas are already terrifying enough to give anyone a good fright, bringing their sizes up a notch—or even several—is just plain asking for trouble. Fortunately for thrill-seeking viewers, and unfortunately for the characters involved, that’s precisely what Mega Piranha does.

The story follows the escape of a genetically modified strain of piranha (There surely isn’t anything wrong with genetically enhancing an already scary fish, right?) from an isolated tributary of the Orinoco River in Venezuela. What follows is… Well, one can probably guess what happens next.

If watching giant fish chow down on battleships and nuclear submarines for lunch or leap out of the water and have helicopters as snacks (Yum!) is your kind of thing, definitely check out Mega Piranha on free online movie streaming websites.

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