Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Benefits of Video Streaming

There was a time when Internet speeds were a paltry 56kbps, and websites with pictures were considered cutting edge. Thanks to advances in technology, though, the average Internet connection in the country is now a respectable 6 Mbps, allowing folks to watch videos online with little trouble.

Indeed, watching or “streaming” movies online has become a viable alternative to visiting the local theater, and this new means of content consumption offers many benefits:

Watch When You Want To
Online streaming allows you to watch content when you want to, not when a TV station or movie house chooses to show it. Streaming sites also commonly host older content that you simply can’t watch anywhere else.

Save Space
If you’ve ever downloaded a movie before, you know how large their file sizes can be. Unfortunately, there’s only so many flicks you can download before your hard drive fills up. Thankfully, video streaming circumvents this dilemma because all content is hosted on a remote server—you just use your browser to view it.

It’s Free

While some streaming services charge a monthly fee, providers offer movies and documentaries at absolutely no cost. Hence, you can watch cult favorites like Alien Abduction and Mega Piranha at the comfort of your own home without spending any money at all.

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