Thursday, 16 October 2014

Lightning Strikes Twice

More than 100 years may have passed, but people around the world remain fascinated and haunted by the tragic fate of the illustrious RMS Titanic. With the various ocean liner crashes and fiascos in the recent years, it’s not surprising if people wonder whether history will repeat itself with another disastrous sinking.

Directed by Shane Van Dyke, “Titanic II” revisits the infamous disaster with some new and unique twists along the way. In the movie, Van Dyke’s SS Titanic II embarks on her maiden journey from New York to England almost a century after the first Titanic’s sinking. Knowing what happened to Titanic II’s namesake, viewers stay glued to their seats waiting to find out if the new ship will suffer a similar fate. 


A Classic Tale for a Modern Audience

“Titanic II” has its share of historical references but is infused with modern cinematography and themes. While there are similarities in the story, “Titanic II” is uniquely its own and a sign of our modern times. Instead of an iceberg being seen too late to be avoided, global warming is the root cause of the catastrophe that befalls the crew of SS Titanic II. The film’s opening sequence foreshadows what’s to come when, due to chunks of ice falling from a glacier, a surfer is faced with a wave as large and forceful as a tsunami.

“Titanic II” is uniquely its own story with a modern twist and throwbacks to the original tragedy, and you can watch it for free on (Lifejackets not included.)

Sink Your Teeth into Terror

From the makers of Mega Shark versus Giant Octopus comes another horror movie with villains from the deep. This time, they’re no longer from the icy depths, but from the rivers of the Amazon. Genetically modified piranhas begin their swim of terrifying the world when the party boat of the US Ambassador to Valenzuela sinks and the guests are devoured by the school of impossibly large fish. It’s up to the hero, Jason Fitch played by Paul Logan, to assess this problem and eliminate the possible threat.

Mutant Fish

When pressed for answers, Dr. Sarah Monroe, played by 80’s pop-star Tiffany, confesses that she created the mutant fish to help with world hunger. For obvious reasons, her genetic experiment, filled with good intentions, has gone wrong and is instead eating the people she intended to feed in the first place. A nuclear strike is ordered when Secretary of State Grady finds out about the situation, but the mega piranhas rather than being eradicated, are actually doubling in size and posing as an even bigger threat.

Action Packed Fishy Horror

Mega Piranha is full of action that will hook you into watching the movie until the very end. From piranha’s the size of cars swimming to the Mississippi River in just 2 days to gargantuan piranhas jumping in the air to eat a helicopter, these fishes will make you thankful that this is all just science fiction. If you’re looking for a night filled with action as a terrifying mutant strain of giant ferocious piranha escape the Amazon to eat their way towards Florida, Mega Piranha is the movie for you tonight.

Reaching Our Destination

Movies are great reflections of the human experience. We enjoy a film more if we can connect with the story and the characters. A good movie gives us a fresh look at the things around us and shows us things that are absent in the real world. Our wild imagination and references to real-world experience work hand-in-hand in a good film.

Some films bring out a wide range of feelings—fear, excitement, laughter. But if you are looking for a touch of sadness or deep emotions from your two-hour movie experience, drama films are a great choice. One good film for movie fans who are looking to go on an emotional journey is “Blue Bus”.


The Ride of a Lifetime

The Blue Bus is a story about two men who feel the best part of their lives may have already been lived.. Stubborn and stoically accepting his approaching end, sixty-eight year old August Dupree wakes from his afternoon nap to find an old blue Volkswagen bus in front of his house. In the bus, he finds a sealed wooden box and a letter from an old childhood friend, asking him to drive the bus and take the box to New Orleans. New Orleans is the place August left when he was just nineteen years old, and he has never returned since. Feeling obligated to fulfill his friend’s final wish, he calls another good friend to go on the trip with him. 

A Story of Friendship and Rediscovering Oneself

The whole film tackles loyalty and friendship, understanding life, losing it, and finding it again. A celebration of life in spite of shortcomings, “Blue Bus” is a great film that showcases the beauty of life, taking the viewer on a breathtakingly emotional ride. If one wants a breath of fresh air from the current climate of overly promotional Hollywood films, this is the movie to watch.

Fans of drama and slice-of-life movies will be able to watch this film at Whether it is viewed through a computer, a laptop, or a mobile device, is the window through which visitors can find and watch movies online free, to suit whatever feelings they fancy experiencing, today.

The Cat is Back!

If you think that cat gifs and memes as comedic relief are just a recent trend in social networking sites, you may want to think again! Cats have been tickling pop culture’s funny bone for quite some time. Felix the Cat, for one, was all the rage in the 1920s, and even more entertaining felines were in the limelight in the ‘60s.

Hanna-Barbera, one of the most successful animation outfits around the globe, released an animated series called “Top Cat” in 1961. The street-smart Manhattan alley cats were led by Top Cat as they tried to outsmart the local cops – particularly beat cop Charles “Charlie” Dibble of the NYPD.

Still Your Favorite Cat

Want to relive the fun adventures of Top Cat and the gang? They’re back once again with antics galore in “Top Cat: The Movie.”

Making an adaptation of a classic favorite can be tricky, but thanks to ingenious use of classic Hanna-Barbera animation techniques and authentic New York sounds and sights, “Top Cat: the Movie” remains true to its source material while bringing a fresh twist to the beloved gang.

If you’re craving a blast down memory lane with old and new “Top Cat” characters alike, fun, laughter and excitement await you and your family in this animated adventure, which you can view totally free at

If you’re not in the mood for cartoon cats, don’t sweat: has plenty of other offerings. You can get your international spy action fix by watching the modernized adaptation of the “3 Musketeers.” Or, if you’re more in the mood for unadulterated monster mayhem, check out “Zombie Wars”. Whatever your fancy, you can still find something to watch. So log on and enjoy!

The Odd Hybrid of Horror and Comedy

Released in 1991, The Boneyard, was a straight-to-video (back in the day where VHS was the in thing) gross and macabre zombie film of odd proportions. A hybrid of horror and comedy, this movie will please anyone looking for a scare and laugh at the same time. From horrific ghoulish human-eating children to zombified poodles, you’ll be wondering whether to scream in horror or cry with laughter. The unique twist of feelings while watching this movie is something no Hollywood blockbuster can give you.

What to Expect from this Flick

Now let’s be honest. Our expectations shouldn’t be high when preparing to watch a horror movie from the early 90’s! Back in the day when CGI wasn’t invented and make-up wasn’t as cleverly detailed, and props and more pros were used for making things look believable.

What can you expect when you combine a veteran homicide detective (Ed Nelson) and his offbeat retired psychic partner (Deborah Rose) to take on evil flesh-eating ghouls? This indie movie shouldn’t be taken seriously, you can actually see that the actors themselves found it hard to be comfortable doing the dramatic scenes. The Boneyard is a great example of a movie genre mash-up that will hook you into watching more of these twisted and yet absorbing pieces of entertainment.

To Watch or Not to Watch?

If you’re a horror movie fanatic with a good sense of humor, The Boneyard is definitely worth watching. Although if you’re not sure if you can stomach ghoulish flesh-eating children who carry limp body parts, you might have to close your eyes for the only gory scene in this movie. Give this 90’s offbeat horror/comedy movie a go! You’ll never know, you might come out as a fan!

Twists in Adaptations

What?! Now two of the three Musketeers are women! They drive cars, instead of riding horses!

This is another one of the compelling free movies to watch online.

Alexandre Dumas’ book, “The Three Musketeers” has been adapted countless times in theatre productions, musicals, motion pictures, video games, and other mediums. A lot have adapted it to the letter, while some have put different spins on the story. 

The movie “3 Musketeers”, released on October 25, 2011 and directed by Cole McKay, certainly created something new while still remaining true to the spirit of brotherhood and swashbuckling action of the original.

The original story was set in a different time… not decades ago, but centuries. The film being set in our current world, shows how modern technology and culture have been incorporated into the scene. Advances in mass communications, medicine, transportation, clothing, and lots more alter the overall plot. Purists may not like it, but others may find it as a fresh change of pace.

Interestingly, this film decided to change the gender of two of the musketeers. d'Artagnan and Aramis are now women in this story. Though it’s more complicated to figure out their motivations now even though the same characteristics are set for each character. Although Athos and Porthos remain male as they were in the original, drawing parallels between how they act in the movie and how they act in the books could be difficult, as they are adjusting to women as fellow musketeers.

In the film, societies have changed, and so have the conflicts. As the movie is set in a different type of society from the original novel, the points of conflict have also changed; those familiar with the novel can watch the movie to compare for themselves. Viewers can also find novelty in the weapons used. Pistols and guns replace swords, while cars take the place of horses.

Changes done in adaptations create an opportunity for the same story to be told in a new way. If you’re in the mood to see a classic with a twist, watch “3 Musketeers” anytime, anywhere through the trusted streaming website Trust us, you’re in for some awesome entertainment.

The War to Save the Human Race

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Zombie Wars takes place fifty years after a world-wide zombie epidemic started and since then, turmoil has never ceased. The world’s population has been decreased to small groups fighting for survival and when you think things can’t get worse, you’re proven wrong. It’s up to a small group of rebel soldiers to stop a new class of intelligent zombies who have begun breeding humans for food. The soldiers are left with no choice but to wage an all-out war with the flesh-eating monsters for the good of the human race. Will they succeed in eliminating the hordes of zombies for good? Or will the human population be reduced to livestock?

Indie Zombie Flick

The idea of a zombie apocalypse being the demise of the human population has always been a popular theory and a great source of entertainment. Zombie Wars has set itself apart from other indie zombie flicks by exploring “zombie intelligence”. In this movie, you’ll see a different (and ultimately more terrifying) breed of the undead. The drooling, mindless, and lumbering zombie is taken out of the picture and replaced with those who can think. It becomes more of a challenge for the hero to defeat the hordes as they are smarter than your average zombie. 

Terrifyingly Enjoyable

This movie isn’t for everyone, most especially for someone who is looking for a zombie flick that’s close to reality. Zombie Wars is a movie to watch with friends who share the same interest in indie movies with a unique twist. If you think you and your friends can stomach the flesh-eating hordes of zombies, get the couch ready for a night of fun and bloody horror.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Ultimate Snack Down!

Aside from the featured film, the movie snacks are best part of watching a movie. A fizzy drink and your regular microwavable popcorn might not be enough, especially when you’ve got a fully stocked cupboard within reach. If you want to make your night of movie madness at home extra special, here are some ideas for the ultimate homemade movie snacks that you might want to try.

5 Family Friendly Snacks

Movie night with the whole family needs a special treat that everyone can enjoy. Kids and parents alike will love these easy snack ideas. The night of fun can being even before the movie starts to roll!

• Carmel corn! An all-time family favorite that kids will love munching on.

• Homemade corn chips. A fun and easy snack that kids can help make.

• Fruit platter with chocolate dip! The sweet and semi-healthy movie snack.

• Crunch sweet granola bars. Better than the store bought version!

• Homemade chips or crisps or BOTH! Don’t limit yourself to either or, have them both if you like.

5 Adult Pickings

Friends coming over to watch a flick you’ve all been waiting for? You don’t want to be a lazy host and serve up crisps from a bag? Make your movie night extra classy with more than just a glass of wine. Here are some snack ideas that will amaze your friends.

• Dill pickle popcorn. A tangy twist to your average popped kernels.

• Spicy Japanese popcorn. For the more adventurous friends who want add a bit of spice to the night.

• Crispy chickpeas. Addictive and easy to make, it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser.

• Tequila-Spiked caramel corn. Need we say more?

• Homemade trail mix. You can’t go wrong with this classic snack everyone enjoys!

Now that you’ve got your snacks ready, it’s time to choose from our movies online! From animation to drama to horror or sci-fi, with these snack, your night will be fun and entertaining.

Why Movie Theatres

Even though ticket prices keep on climbing, people still flock to the theatres in droves to catch the latest movies. One might not think that would be the case, particularly because of all the movie-watching options people have at home these days. However, the film industry knows it’s up against steep competition, so it’s not surprising movie theatres have laid a few cards on the table to stay afloat.

For one thing, 3-D technology is a huge box office hit. James Cameron’s “Avatar” blew people’s minds with how effectively the purely 3-D movie enhanced the on-screen illusions and depth perception. Many will argue that 3-D movies in general make visual storytelling even more engrossing.

Plus, the sound quality you get in movie theatres – from sound effects to the score – makes the public movie-going experience even more immersive, especially through high-resolution-audio.

What Ruins the Movie-Going Experience

If you’re an avid movie buff, you know the pleasure going to the movie theatre can bring. However, you also know how easily it can be spoiled.

You know the classic irritations: annoying chit-chat from fellow patrons, noisy eating, unruly children, and snoring … And don’t forget those who loudly whisper spoilers to their friend mid-movie!

Theatres are dark because, ideally, the only light should be what’s showing up on the big screen. Other viewers consistently ruin that darkness with their mobile phones or tablets when they’re texting, taking pictures, and using social media in the middle of a movie. (Who does that?!?) What’s more, people who frequently take toilet breaks may also ruin the viewing experience, as everyone else around them has to adjust for the person leaving or coming back to his or her seat. Try enjoying the fight scenes in “Battle of Los Angeles” when you have to move for someone who has to go every five minutes!

Hassle- and Heckler-Free Movie Nights at Home

Persuading fellow movie-goers to follow basic etiquette inside the cinema can be problematic. Plus, it’s also hard to tolerate other people’s disruptive behavior when you’re shelling out a pretty penny to be there, and especially if movies are your escape from a hectic daily life.

The great news is that you can avoid all of this headache with help from sites like With this streaming site, you can watch movies anytime, anywhere, in your distraction-free environment of choice. Whether it’s on a desktop, a laptop, or a mobile device, you can enjoy the movie of your choice the way you want to.

 You can get up and make popcorn, pause the movie to take that urgent call, or even replay your favorite action sequence. You’re in control! With all those movies at your fingertips, who wouldn’t want to curl up in their pj’s and watch their favorite flicks from home while chewing as loudly as they’d like?

Taking Pleasure from Sorrow

The entertainment industry spends a lot of money on the best dramatic actors out there. From their perspective, this is a good investment because there is much money to be made from tearjerkers.

As onscreen characters face dilemmas such as death, infidelity, poverty, heartbreak and so on, the audience’s heartstrings are tugged, and their emotions pour out. The audience knows that the actors are only projecting agony, that everything happening is pure fiction. But still, their emotions are affected. Many moviegoers will even agree that the sadder the plot, the better a film is. 

The Benefits of Fiction

There are countless reasons why tragic flicks are so appealing. But did you know there are benefits as well (besides just having a reason to cry after a trying day)?

Little-known fact: Reading and watching fiction actually has great cognitive benefits. Some reports have indicated that consuming such media can make a person more empathetic and socially skilled. How? Because it develops a person’s ability to predict possible outcomes in a given situation.

Fictional movies also help us realise and appreciate our own lives and circumstances. When we watch tragedy on screen – particularly in movies like “Escape from Sobibor” – somehow the little things we’ve been agonizing over don’t seem to matter as much. 

Crying: We Can’t Help It.

Oxytocin is the element in our brains to blame for crying. It modulates empathy and engages brain circuits that make us care about others’ predicaments, even if they’re total strangers. Though crying may be our natural response to sorrow and frustration, it’s also quite healthy, as it helps us reduce stress and therefore avoid stress-related diseases.

Although it’s natural and a good release for us, some people are embarrassed to cry openly in public, even in acceptable venues like movie theatres. For those who would rather have a good cry in the privacy of their own homes, technology is the answer. With movie-streaming sites like, users can watch films on any platform: TV, smartphone, personal computer or tablet. That’s a terrific way to get a dose of drama anytime, anywhere without hiding one’s tears or tissues.

Turn Your Living Room into a Movie Theater

A cozy night at home is one of the best ways to relax during the weekend, especially if the work week has worn you down. An even better way to spend the night is by watching movies in your living room that’s been transformed into your own personal theater. It is perfect for a lazy night, but you’ll be surprised that it will only take 4 simple steps to create the perfect ambiance of a movie theater. 4 Steps to Create a Movie Theater Vibe. 

Dimming the lights isn’t going to be enough if you want the full movie theater experience at home. Here are 4 quick and easy steps that will only take minutes:

1.) Decorate around your screen – Create an area that gives you the feel of being in the theater.

2.) Sound Check – You wouldn’t want to start watching a movie only to be disappointed that your speakers aren’t loud enough. Test your sound system first so that you can enjoy the movie without needing to fiddle with wires and cables in between.

3.) Seating Arrangement – Arrange your seats for optimal viewing. Find a comfortable spot and get settled, it is your space after all.

4.) Snacks and Drinks – No movie is complete without your personal choice of munchies. Get them ready and have them within reach and it’s easy viewing all throughout. 

Movie Suggestions

Now that you’ve primed your living room for a night of movie fun, what’s on your movie list? If you don’t have a planned list yet, here are few suggestions: • Horror and sci-fi buffs will enjoy: Alien Abduction, Mega Piranha, or Zombie Wars. • Ultimate family fun movies: Angel Dog, Abner the Invisible Dog, and Amazing Racer. • Date night drama movies: Dangerous Cargo, Blue Bus, or Dating Ellie. You’ve got everything that you need for a night filled with movies, snacks, and fun. All at the comfort of your own home.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The Epic Battle Begins

Combining military ideas with science genius is never a good idea, what comes is the accidental release of a prehistoric Megalodon (Mega Shark) and massive octopus (Giant Octopus) that were once trapped in ice. These two fearsome ocean creatures battle each other while wreaking havoc on the California coasts. It’s up to the team of a Japanese marine biologist and the American military to bring down these colossal creatures. But will the coastal civilization survive this battle for supremacy?

Who Will Enjoy This Movie?

If you’re looking for a sci-fi and horror flick with a goofy side, this is a movie that you should put on your must watch list. You have to consider that this movie is for someone who is looking for a Hollywood movie escape and quick entertainment, not for someone who wants to watch a clear cut sci-fi and horror flick. The impossibility of a shark taking down an airplane that’s thousands of feet in the air should be clue enough that this movie shouldn’t be regarded too seriously. If you’re looking for a laugh while still enjoying the sci-fi genre, Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus is the movie for you. Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus may not have won any awards, but for the right crowd it’s definitely a sci-fi cult classic. After all, how can you not enjoy watching two prehistoric and massive underwater creatures scare the life out of the whole Californian coastline? And who knows, maybe you’ll end up enjoying the movie too! 

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Getting Ready for Free Online Movie Streaming

If you’re a movie buff, you know that nothing can be more rewarding than to be able to watch the films that you want for free on your day off. More and more people are getting access to online streaming media through websites that offer free movies. These sites give you the chance to have a movie marathon with your family or friends without having to buy DVDs or pay for viewing.

Friday, 10 October 2014

What are the Most Famous Movie Genres of All Time?

According to Nielsen, 2013 was the year of action/adventure films, continuing a trend that has been going on in the last few years. It seems moviegoers can’t get enough of films that have them at the edge of their seats in excitement, and producers are only too eager to supply the demand. Comedy and sci-fi films ranked second and third, respectively, as they did in 2012. So, how did action/adventure films get to be this popular?

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Snake Island: Not the Tropical Paradise to Visit

Most people have a strong aversion to snakes. There is just something about them that can make one cringe at the sight, or even at the thought, of them. Now, imagine an island that is surrounded by these slithering, tongue-flicking creatures – that is Snake Island.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

When Watching Mockbusters Seems Like Fun

Movies can provide you a couple of hours of amusing distraction. Still, the film industry ranges from multimillion dollar gems to art-house films that do not require much of a budget. In between these are the so-called “mockbusters” like Mega Piranha and Transmorphers. How do you recognise a mockbuster at first glance and still take a chance at enjoying it?
One of the slightly evident signs you’re watching a mockbuster is that the cast contains actors who have not played major roles in years – and even then, they can be a supporting character at best. The movie may cast a certain top actor’s children or relatives in the lead role.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Completing the Titanic's Voyage

The Titanic serves as a reminder to everyone that nothing is, in this case, unsinkable. A lot was invested in her construction, particularly in furbishing it with the latest in maritime technology at that time. Coupled with her size, the Titanic—for a brief period—embodied the invulnerable spirit. The world received a rude awakening on that fateful night of 1912.

Its sinking caught the world's attention, and it did so again in James Cameron's 1997 film "Titanic." The love story was pure fiction, but many say the details in the film were as close to the real thing as this generation could get. More than a decade later, it gets a modern twist in the form of "Titanic II," which features a new Titanic-class cruise ship and more than just icebergs ahead.