Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Turn Your Living Room into a Movie Theater

A cozy night at home is one of the best ways to relax during the weekend, especially if the work week has worn you down. An even better way to spend the night is by watching movies in your living room that’s been transformed into your own personal theater. It is perfect for a lazy night, but you’ll be surprised that it will only take 4 simple steps to create the perfect ambiance of a movie theater. 4 Steps to Create a Movie Theater Vibe. 

Dimming the lights isn’t going to be enough if you want the full movie theater experience at home. Here are 4 quick and easy steps that will only take minutes:

1.) Decorate around your screen – Create an area that gives you the feel of being in the theater.

2.) Sound Check – You wouldn’t want to start watching a movie only to be disappointed that your speakers aren’t loud enough. Test your sound system first so that you can enjoy the movie without needing to fiddle with wires and cables in between.

3.) Seating Arrangement – Arrange your seats for optimal viewing. Find a comfortable spot and get settled, it is your space after all.

4.) Snacks and Drinks – No movie is complete without your personal choice of munchies. Get them ready and have them within reach and it’s easy viewing all throughout. 

Movie Suggestions

Now that you’ve primed your living room for a night of movie fun, what’s on your movie list? If you don’t have a planned list yet, here are few suggestions: • Horror and sci-fi buffs will enjoy: Alien Abduction, Mega Piranha, or Zombie Wars. • Ultimate family fun movies: Angel Dog, Abner the Invisible Dog, and Amazing Racer. • Date night drama movies: Dangerous Cargo, Blue Bus, or Dating Ellie. You’ve got everything that you need for a night filled with movies, snacks, and fun. All at the comfort of your own home.

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