Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Why Movie Theatres

Even though ticket prices keep on climbing, people still flock to the theatres in droves to catch the latest movies. One might not think that would be the case, particularly because of all the movie-watching options people have at home these days. However, the film industry knows it’s up against steep competition, so it’s not surprising movie theatres have laid a few cards on the table to stay afloat.

For one thing, 3-D technology is a huge box office hit. James Cameron’s “Avatar” blew people’s minds with how effectively the purely 3-D movie enhanced the on-screen illusions and depth perception. Many will argue that 3-D movies in general make visual storytelling even more engrossing.

Plus, the sound quality you get in movie theatres – from sound effects to the score – makes the public movie-going experience even more immersive, especially through high-resolution-audio.

What Ruins the Movie-Going Experience

If you’re an avid movie buff, you know the pleasure going to the movie theatre can bring. However, you also know how easily it can be spoiled.

You know the classic irritations: annoying chit-chat from fellow patrons, noisy eating, unruly children, and snoring … And don’t forget those who loudly whisper spoilers to their friend mid-movie!

Theatres are dark because, ideally, the only light should be what’s showing up on the big screen. Other viewers consistently ruin that darkness with their mobile phones or tablets when they’re texting, taking pictures, and using social media in the middle of a movie. (Who does that?!?) What’s more, people who frequently take toilet breaks may also ruin the viewing experience, as everyone else around them has to adjust for the person leaving or coming back to his or her seat. Try enjoying the fight scenes in “Battle of Los Angeles” when you have to move for someone who has to go every five minutes!

Hassle- and Heckler-Free Movie Nights at Home

Persuading fellow movie-goers to follow basic etiquette inside the cinema can be problematic. Plus, it’s also hard to tolerate other people’s disruptive behavior when you’re shelling out a pretty penny to be there, and especially if movies are your escape from a hectic daily life.

The great news is that you can avoid all of this headache with help from sites like With this streaming site, you can watch movies anytime, anywhere, in your distraction-free environment of choice. Whether it’s on a desktop, a laptop, or a mobile device, you can enjoy the movie of your choice the way you want to.

 You can get up and make popcorn, pause the movie to take that urgent call, or even replay your favorite action sequence. You’re in control! With all those movies at your fingertips, who wouldn’t want to curl up in their pj’s and watch their favorite flicks from home while chewing as loudly as they’d like?

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