Sunday, 5 October 2014

When Watching Mockbusters Seems Like Fun

Movies can provide you a couple of hours of amusing distraction. Still, the film industry ranges from multimillion dollar gems to art-house films that do not require much of a budget. In between these are the so-called “mockbusters” like Mega Piranha and Transmorphers. How do you recognise a mockbuster at first glance and still take a chance at enjoying it?
One of the slightly evident signs you’re watching a mockbuster is that the cast contains actors who have not played major roles in years – and even then, they can be a supporting character at best. The movie may cast a certain top actor’s children or relatives in the lead role.

Some mockbusters use a familiar title of a movie that is already released or being prepared for release. It is then fixed up in terms of total character count and design, or add the original author’s name in the final version. The last is especially true of adaptations of famous books that are now in the public domain.
DVD Sequels
A few mockbuster films can be seen as sequels of a famous film that’s currently screening. You can identify them by the style of the cover, which is not that far off from the movie they’re supposed to be a sequel of

Mockbusters may not pack star billing as the latest Hollywood movie out in theatres, but they still have their own merits. Watching them with friends can help you scream or laugh at the movie.  

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