Thursday, 2 October 2014

Completing the Titanic's Voyage

The Titanic serves as a reminder to everyone that nothing is, in this case, unsinkable. A lot was invested in her construction, particularly in furbishing it with the latest in maritime technology at that time. Coupled with her size, the Titanic—for a brief period—embodied the invulnerable spirit. The world received a rude awakening on that fateful night of 1912.

Its sinking caught the world's attention, and it did so again in James Cameron's 1997 film "Titanic." The love story was pure fiction, but many say the details in the film were as close to the real thing as this generation could get. More than a decade later, it gets a modern twist in the form of "Titanic II," which features a new Titanic-class cruise ship and more than just icebergs ahead.

Whether by sheer coincidence or not, "Titanic II" may just be right on the money as far as real life goes. Blue Star Line announced plans to build a real Titanic II, with amenities and design somewhat similar to its predecessor. The ship is planned to set sail in 2018 and will follow the same route, from Southampton in England to New York, as the ill-fated ship did. Unlike its fateful counterpart however, the Titanic II is seen to complete the voyage.

Here's hoping that history doesn't repeat itself with the real Titanic II, just as the movie portrayed chillingly portrayed. 

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