Thursday, 16 October 2014

Reaching Our Destination

Movies are great reflections of the human experience. We enjoy a film more if we can connect with the story and the characters. A good movie gives us a fresh look at the things around us and shows us things that are absent in the real world. Our wild imagination and references to real-world experience work hand-in-hand in a good film.

Some films bring out a wide range of feelings—fear, excitement, laughter. But if you are looking for a touch of sadness or deep emotions from your two-hour movie experience, drama films are a great choice. One good film for movie fans who are looking to go on an emotional journey is “Blue Bus”.


The Ride of a Lifetime

The Blue Bus is a story about two men who feel the best part of their lives may have already been lived.. Stubborn and stoically accepting his approaching end, sixty-eight year old August Dupree wakes from his afternoon nap to find an old blue Volkswagen bus in front of his house. In the bus, he finds a sealed wooden box and a letter from an old childhood friend, asking him to drive the bus and take the box to New Orleans. New Orleans is the place August left when he was just nineteen years old, and he has never returned since. Feeling obligated to fulfill his friend’s final wish, he calls another good friend to go on the trip with him. 

A Story of Friendship and Rediscovering Oneself

The whole film tackles loyalty and friendship, understanding life, losing it, and finding it again. A celebration of life in spite of shortcomings, “Blue Bus” is a great film that showcases the beauty of life, taking the viewer on a breathtakingly emotional ride. If one wants a breath of fresh air from the current climate of overly promotional Hollywood films, this is the movie to watch.

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