Thursday, 6 November 2014

Journey to Dinosaur Island

Previously released as The Land that Time Forgot, the film revolves around the lives of two newlywed couples and takes place in present day. The two pairs are on a charter boat cruise through the Caribbean where they encounter a bizarre storm. As the storm passes, they find themselves off the shore of a mysterious island. As they explore the island, they discover its inhabitants are from different periods in history, including prehistoric wildlife and a crew from a German World War II submarine. The couples battle the inhabitants in an effort to survive and return to their own time.

Adapted from Edgar Rice Burroughs’ novel, the film is a roller coaster ride that defies the laws of physics to create a fantasy adventure like no other. Through free movies via streaming, films like Dinosaur Island and a host of other fantasy features are available to a wider audience free of charge.

With just an internet connection, you and your family can enjoy action, sci-fi, drama, horror, documentary, and more – all from the comfort of your home. Forget about driving to the cinema and struggling with parking and buying snacks. These movies save time and money without compromising your family’s enjoyment.

If you’re dying to get away from it all to battle foes from another time and survive the savagery of prehistoric opponents, Dinosaur Island is where it’s at. Gather everyone and set sail for the island now (tropical storm, German antagonists, mysterious island, and dinosaurs not required). 

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