Sunday, 23 November 2014

Catch the T-Rex, Watch Movies Online Free

Dinosaurs have always had a place in people’s minds as awesome creatures that were unfortunately wiped out of the earth—but even if they’ve been extinct for millions of years, they still show up in popular culture, be it in books, movies, television, and even games.
One of the most popular dinosaurs is the Tyrannosaurs Rex. Weighing in an estimated 40 tons, standing up to 4 meters, and about 40 feet in length, the T-Rex was an apex predator and the most imposing carnivorous dinosaur to ever walk the earth. Its name, in Latin, means “Tyrant Lizard King,” and armed with sharp teeth that are as big as steak knives, few can contest its title.

In popular culture, the T-Rex has been depicted as a hulking killing machine that actively hunts other dinosaurs (or humans, in some movies). However, recent studies have contested these claims, suggesting that they might have been more of scavengers due to being so massive that running might prove to be difficult for them to do, let alone catching live prey (not to mention, why do T-Rexes have such scrawny and tiny arms?).

Such contestation is the reason why the T-Rex is probably the one dinosaur you’d want to see alive today—minus the possible catastrophic consequences. Then again, until science can find a way to bring them back to life, you can watch movies online for free like Dinosaur Island to give you a glimpse of this magnificent reptile.

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