Monday, 10 November 2014

Mockbusters, Anyone?

You’ve probably seen them on sales shelves before: inexpensive movies that look somewhat similar to major Hollywood productions—like Transmorphers to the Transformers. Affectionately dubbed as “mockbusters”, these films capitalize on the success of blockbusters by creating something similar to, but entirely different from, the originals.

Some people like them and some are merely indifferent, but despite their niche appeal, mockbusters and their creators have developed loyal followings of their own. For reasons that vary from a simple desire for cheap thrills to a more complex disenchantment with big-budget Hollywood productions, there certainly are fans of the genre that dutifully pick up every new release they can get their hands on.

Additionally, to their credit, mockbusters often prove to be welcome diversions. Films like Mega Piranha and Titanic II have met moderate success both on DVD sales and on cable TV channels.

Another key advantage of the genre is that owning or watching a mockbuster movie isn’t quite as impactful on the budget as mainstream cinema flicks are, and best of all, they are available to stream legally for free online.

Whether as a quick, easy, and inexpensive source of movie-induced thrills or as a symbol of one-upmanship against exuberantly produced and priced Hollywood blockbusters of dubious quality, mockbusters have a treasured place in the world, and they will most definitely be here to stay.

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