Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Travel to the Land that Time Forgot

“Dinosaur Island”, alternatively known as “The Land that Time Forgot”, is an amusing and enjoyable adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic novel of the same title. Although it’s far behind the ranks of Jurassic Park, this Asylum movie definitely needs to be recognised more because even with the budget constraints, they were still able to produce a decent CGI dinosaur that shows up several times in the movie.

Vacation Turned to a Heart Pumping Adventure

In true movie fashion, Dinosaur Island starts with a group of holidaying adventurers on a yacht. It’s all fun under the sun until they find themselves caught in an extraordinary sea storm. The storm pulls their boat into a rip through the fabric of time and space, where they land on an island that is the home of monstrous T-Rexs and pterodactyls. A chance encounter with other humans: a WW1 pilot and the surviving crew of a Nazi submarine, stuck in the same predicament makes them question their fate. Will their group survive the island or will they become dinosaur dinner? Can they escape the island and make it back into the real world? Can they trust their fellow humans or not? 

Dinosaur Action and Human Drama

The cast, starring C. Thomas Howell as Frost Michaels and narrator of the movie, keeps the flow of the story going at a great pace. There may be moments where the monster action is lacking, but they did not put in too much human drama between the characters for it to be dragging and pointless. But don’t judge the movie before you actually give it a try through free online movie streaming; the actors may surprise you. If 70’s remakes or dinosaur films aren’t your cup of tea, there are more opportunities to watch free movies online that will surely capture your interest.

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