Saturday, 6 December 2014

Mega Piranha: Watch Free Movies Online and Learn

Most people watch sci-fi disaster movies just for the thrill, but if you open your mind, you can actually pick up some lessons from them. Don’t underestimate evolution and science. Google Tyrannobdella rex, and you’ll get an idea. So for your benefit, watch free movies online and learn some tidbits of info in case a sci-fi disaster movie like Mega Piranha becomes true-to-life.

Arm yourself with survival skills because danger lurks everywhere.

Don’t assume that spots known for their pristine beaches like Florida is 100 percent safe. As you’ll find out by watching Mega Piranha, anything can happen. While there is, of course, no specific training program for you to learn how to fight giant meat-hungry piranhas, remember there are ways for you to boost your reflexes and quick-thinking skills.

It’s always good to stick together.

If you’re on vacation with family or friends, the safest thing to do is to stay together. Remember this rule whenever you feel like you can’t put up with them anymore—maybe your partner hogs the bed covers or your friend leaves the bathroom in a total mess. In any disaster-centred movie, something always happens to the person who isolates himself or herself from the group.

A safe spot doesn’t always turn out to be safe.

In times of peril, a common instinct is to run to a safe spot. Sometimes, it’s better to run to open grounds since staying in one area can have you cornered.

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