Friday, 2 January 2015

Mirror Mirror, Murder, and Mayhem

The Asylum has taken another fairytale classic and given it their own twist that makes it an adult-only film. This time, it’s the tale of Snow White with the tag line “Mirror mirror on the wall, ‘tis the most terrifying of them all”. That alone should already tell you not to expect singing and cuddly animals. Instead prepare yourself for the action and monsters that you are about to see. The film retains much of the classic elements of the original tale, but gives it their own take on the dwarves and inclusion of a horrifying reptilian beast. Snow White is no longer the doe-eyed princess from your childhood; instead she becomes a heroine in this dark, brutal, and twisted version.

A Tale Brought to Life by Brilliant Actors

The movie is brought to life by Eliza Bennett as the beautiful and elegant Princess Snow who portrays innocence with the heart of a warrior perfectly. Jane March as the Wicked Queen Gwendolyn who is brilliant at playing a delightfully deceitful woman who can make a room cold the second she steps in. And finally, Jamie Thomas completes the main cast by playing the charming Prince with the heart of gold. 


Fantastic and Frightening Childhood Twist

Grimm’s Snow White will shock your world and change the way you see Princess Snow. You will never see her as a helpless young lady, but a fierce warrior who can take care of herself. You can opt to watch free movies online to see the twist in this beloved childhood story.

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