Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Is it the End of the World?

What if robots would take over the world, where would you be? Are you going to hide or fight for your right to live on earth? We may think that it’s impossible to happen, but we can’t ignore the fact that there’s a mysterious world outside the earth—a world untouched, unseen, and undiscovered by humans.

It was a day of shock when 666 gigantic robots landed on earth along with two humanoid aliens, one male and one female, who were both captured by members of the military. Skye, the humanoid woman, started speaking to one of the members of the military battalion, Myron, and revealed that she can read people’s mind. She told him that the entire human race is a threat to the rest of the galaxy. If the citizens cannot convince Skye on their value to live, the planet earth will be destroyed. 

The armed forces began attacking the robots but failed to destroy them because, as an organized defense system, they could vaporize their enemies. Thus, while deflecting missiles fired at them, the invaders blasted war crafts flown by humans through laser explosions. The officer-in-charge of the military decided to use a taser to electrocute Skye, but Myron rescued the alien and ran away with her. The male humanoid also managed to escape as the robots launched a systematic attack on the planet.

Could the humans prove their value to Skye? Watch the movie online for free at Viewlorium and find out what happened next.

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