Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Watch Free Movies Online: What is Dramedy?

There are numerous genres that define a film such as action, drama, comedy, and romance. Dramedy films, or drama-comedy, are movies that combine both comedy and drama in order to elicit various emotions from its viewers.
Drama alone focuses on the emotional aspect of characters from its heavy storyline about real life conflicts and situations, either fictional or non-fictional. On the other hand, comedy is all about providing laughter from the actions and dialogues of the characters. Audiences tend to favour comedy films as their favourite form of relaxation and entertainment.
The combination of drama and comedy is about having a balance between an emotional storyline and humorous situations through which characters would struggle. It provides both laughter and tears, and gives favourable endings just like many other genres.
Comedy and drama have their own sub-genres as well like romantic-comedy, satire, and dark comedy. For drama films, incorporating is possible between the genres of romance, tragedy, and courtroom drama. Interested viewers, or even those who just want laugh and cry at the same time, have the option to watch free movies online on websites like Viewlorium as it offers numerous films from different genres that would meet the curious viewer’s preferences.

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