Saturday, 10 January 2015

Battle of the Behemoths

The ocean occupies two-thirds of the world’s surface. Beneath lie myriads of countless of aquatic inhabitants and uncharted regions. It’s overwhelming to imagine that gigantic creatures could be dwelling in big bodies of water.

Oceanographer Emma McNeil was off the coast of Alaska, studying the migration patterns of whales in an experimental submarine she took without permission. While she was on board, a military helicopter dropped a sonar transmitter into the water causing a pod of whales to go out of control, ramming a nearby glacier. The disruption caused the helicopter to crash into it. The glacier was shattered, unfreezing two hibernating, primitive creatures. McNeil managed to escape the chaos. 

The two creatures have already caused a commotion. McNeil, Sanders and Dr. Shimada have set up a plan to bring the beasts together to an ice trench off the coast of Alaska. However, the mega shark and the giant octopus seemed to be gearing up for a fight. Who do you think will win the epic battle? Find out! Watch movies online for free at Viewlorium.

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