Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Toxie Cleans Up the Town

“The Toxic Avenger” is set in Tromaville, New Jersey, the so-called toxic waste dumping ground for America with a scrawny, 90-pound janitor, Melvin Furd (Mark Torgl). Just like in any underdog story, Melvin is constantly bullied by Bozo (Gray Schneider) and his band of misfits. Due to his weight disadvantage and shy nature, Melvin is unable to fight back, making him the perfect target for all of Bozo’s pranks. When one of these pranks goes horribly wrong, leading to Melvin’s fall out of a window into a drum of toxic waste, our zero nerd becomes the hero, “Toxie” (Mitchell Cohen). In true heroic fashion,  Toxie makes it his mission to clean the town of Tromaville from thugs and villains, while rescuing the blind damsel in distress, Sara (Andree Maranda).

Crime Fighting, Justice, and Love

From action to drama, this 1980’s film has it all. After Toxie rescues Sara from a robbery in a Mexican restaurant, the two fall in love, but Toxie’s mission to rid the town of crime had only begun. To avenge himself from his past tormentors, Toxie punishes Bozo and his gang while going after the criminals in his town. Although the people of Tromaville see him as a hero, the corrupt mayor, Peter Belgoody (Pat Ryan Jr.) and the police chief (David Weiss) fear that their crime empire is now under threat. To rid the town of Toxie and his crime-fighting crusade, they call the National Guard for assistance.

Toxicly Fun

A cult classic for sure, “The Toxic Avenger” was a hit back in the 1980’s when it was first released and it was a hit again when it was shown at this year’s Slash Filmfestival. If you missed your chance to catch it during the limited screening of this vintage Troma film is available to watch with free movies online on streaming websites. Catch horror classics like “The Toxic Avenger” and many more 80’s movies when you watch movies online for free.

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