Tuesday, 13 January 2015

One Body, Two Heads, and More Terror than You Can Imagine

The thought of a shark attack is already terrifying; adding another head to a gigantic monster, and doubling the amount of teeth brings this movie to a whole new level of terror. The first bite into this Asylum produced horror flick takes place when “The Sea King”, a research vessel with a group of college students, their professor, and his wife gets damaged by the corpse of a dead shark. They are left no choice but to seek refuge on a nearby abandoned island while the crew on board the ship tries to get their vessel up and running again. 

Double Trouble

The fun-loving group is in for the surprise of their lives when their impromptu vacation turns into a total disaster, because their problems have only just started. Not only are they about to face the horrors of a bloodthirsty two-headed shark, but they also have to get off of the island before it sinks into the open sea. The sinking of the island exposes them to more danger as the mutant two-headed shark starts to take out the group one by one, making it a priority for them to evacuate. Will any one of them make it out of the island alive or are they all doomed to be shark food?

Bloodthirsty for More?

To find out if the group (starring Carmen Electra and Brooke Hogan) can outwit the monstrous shark and get off of the island in time for yourself, you can watch free movies online! If this sharktastic film isn’t to your taste or fails to satisfy your longing for horror, you have a long list of free online movies that you can choose from!

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