Friday, 13 February 2015

Watch Free Movies Online on the Spitfire

Australia was never invaded during World War II, but it doesn't mean it was never attacked. In those tumultuous years, it committed troops and hardware to the fight against the Axis Forces. The stubborn defence of Bataan in 1942 drew more Japanese troops into the Philippines, deflecting further Japanese invasions across the Pacific, and sparing Australia in the process.

Nevertheless, the Japanese conducted raids in several coastal locations, the largest of which was in Darwin. Due to its proximity to the East Indies, Darwin served as a strategic springboard for Allied air raids and amphibious assaults in the region. Many believed that the Japanese air raid signalled the start of an invasion, but the Japanese shelved this plan off until the Battle of Midway, which they lost.

British-made aircraft like the Supermarine Spitfire and Hawker Hurricane flew to the defence of Australia. No. 1 Fighter Wing of the Royal Australian Air Force formed the bulk of these air defence units, intercepting enemy aircraft wherever they appeared in the country. On the ground, the Australian Army wielded plenty of leverage as they often stood in the way of the invading forces.

Journalist and aviation expert Jeff Watson investigated what made the Spitfire well-loved by air crews over Australia despite its shortcomings, like having a short range. The short answer is, it held its ground, despite being outnumbered by the invading air force. You can watch free online movies to learn more about this beautiful yet fierce aircraft. 

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