Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Choosing the Lesser of Two Evils

A condemned man’s benevolent act turns out to be a desperate bid for freedom in this action thriller.

Rudy Salazar (Danny Trejo) is a multiple murderer who has been sentenced to death, but an expected act of generosity takes him off death row. His sentence is changed to life without parole in exchange for donating his bone marrow but he escapes on the way to the hospital and begins another reign of terror. The LAPD officers hunting him down are hot on his trail but they have strict instructions to capture him alive.

A dilemma to keep a young girl alive or keep a hundred people safe and unharmed haunts the police officer’s character.

With the tagline: Whichever side he chooses, someone’s gonna die.

Released in 1997, the action-drama-thriller; Dilemma was produced by Carpe Diem II Pictures Inc. as an independent movie, you can watch this full movie for free here:

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