Friday, 13 February 2015

Watch Free Movies Online: Dinosaur Island

Seven people on a boat get pulled into the Bermuda Triangle by a heavy storm. A mysterious bright light appears, and they all lose consciousness. When they awaken, they’re adrift near a mysterious island with no means of communication and no working instruments. This is how the 2009 adventure-comedy Dinosaur Island (also known as The Land That Time Forgot) begins.

The island, they soon discover, seems to exist within a time-space warp inside the Bermuda Triangle. As they set to learn more about the island, they soon meet hungry prehistoric dinosaurs and other castaways lost in time, including the stand-offish crew of a shipwrecked German U-boat.

C. Thomas Howell, the film’s main star and director, plays Frost Michaels, a newly-wed husband who loses his wife along with the boat as soon as he goes ashore. As Michaels looks for his wife, he—along with the rest of the humans—struggles to stay alive as he also attempt to find ways to get off the island.

The movie is far from perfect, but that’s exactly where its merits lie. You’ll find a sprinkle of witty humour here and there aside from the many laughs to be had in the acting, dialogue, and TV-grade special effects. If you’re looking for a film that will use your funny bone to help you deal with boredom and stress, you can watch free movies online on sites like The Viewlorium to tide you over.

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