Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Watch Movies Online Free and See the Mega Piranha

It was the fascination with a great white shark in the 1970s that literally sparked audiences’ feeding frenzy over mean-spirited marine wildlife. Mega Piranha takes its cue from there and takes viewers on a blood- and gore-filled roller coaster ride across the seas.

The story begins along the Orinoco River in Venezuela where a strain of genetically enhanced super-piranha escapes into the river. Thanks to the local environment’s intervention, the mega piranhas manage to find their way out of their isolated spot and swim downstream, killing every living thing they encounter.

The mega piranhas continue to move north, consuming two battleships and a nuclear submarine on the way. They eventually reach South Florida, where they kill countless beachgoers and manage to destroy two hotels.

After proving impervious to torpedoes, depth charges, and even a nuclear missile, Special Agent Fitch and Professor Sarah Monroe conclude that the only way to stop the mega piranhas is to face them underwater. Scuba divers would open fire to make the huge fish bleed, causing them to go into a feeding frenzy and kill one another. Should this fail, a massive nuclear strike would be used to destroy the mega piranha, as well as most of Florida.

Did the team’s eradication strategy work? Or did they have to resort to nuclear means to wipe out the ravenous behemoths? Find out when you watch movies online free by subscribing to free streaming services to take a big bite out of the action.

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