Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Have you asked yourself about what kind of life exists outside the earth? Aliens are still a question to humanity. Even though there are stories of encounters, the truth to alien life still remains questionable. Some believe that they are true, watching over us and taking their time to take over the planet. What will you do if you get captured by these creatures? Find out how Jean and her friends escape the abduction.

A group of teenagers were out on a camping trip. They spend the night drinking and hanging out when a light appears overhead. While they do their activities, the aliens attack and capture them. Jean and her friends wake up in a cell on the ship. Eventually, they are placed in a room, tied down and vivisected. After the encounter, Jean awakened in a hospital, a special facility for UFO abductees. Dr. Booker told her that she has to remain there until the government is certain that she can get her normal life back.

Jean tried to break into another part of the hospital. Watch the full movie and see what she had discovered. Visit Viewlorium and watch movies online for free!

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