Monday, 16 February 2015

Watch Free Movies Online: Creepy Found Footages

When the movie you’re watching claims that it “contains actual footage”, you’ll know that you’re watching a found footage film, a horror sub-genre which began with 1999’s The Blair Witch Project. Nothing could be more chilling than watching a movie seemingly compiled from real-life footage of supernatural forces at work to scare and terrify the living. These movies could be set anywhere, even inside a house, which is the plot of 2009’s Paranormal Entity.

The premise for Paranormal Entity (not to be confused with the more popular Paranormal Activity) is that it’s a film made of actual surveillance footage which recorded the events that led to the supernatural murder of Samantha Finley. While her older brother, Thomas, was convicted for the dark deed, the collated footage showed that a more sinister demon was behind all of it.

Although you might prefer Paranormal Activity over this film simply because it’s more popular, Todd Martin from Horror News thinks otherwise. In his review of the film, Martin called Paranormal Activity (and many other found footage films, for that matter) “overrated”, and praises Paranormal Entity for having an interesting premise: “I think that anyone who is bothered by the thought of an evil spirit invading their home and being tormented by it will be a little disturbed by the movie.”

Ready to get scared out of your wits? Paranormal Entity is one great choice if you want to watch free movies online, most especially those with an “actual footage” premise.

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