Saturday, 7 February 2015

Why Indie Movies are Better

Films have this ability to transport the watcher into another world, another dimension, another reality. This is one of the biggest reasons why movies are very popular; they are able to keep the dream alive in each and every audience member. You can take those two hours and forget who you are and be who you dream. In retrospect, Hollywood films appeal to everyone, but indie films deserve another kind of love. Both types of movie can transport you into a different existence, but there’s a little more love and passion with indie movies. Since these films are filled with raw emotions, you can feel what the actors are feeling during each shot.

Nothing Amounts to Something Bigger

One of the most important things to remember why indie films have that rawness to them is because of the fervor every actor, actress, director, writer, and everyone else involved puts into creating the movie. Actors and directors are paid next to nothing when they have committed themselves to a project like an indie film. They give their best efforts into the production of the movie because without the option of visual effects, sub-par acting is not an option. Instead they give more focus on the characters themselves and they tell their stories as best as they can.

Indie Film Marathon

If you are still one of those people who would prefer Hollywood films, give indie movies a try. Watch free online movies to your heart’s content. You might change the way you see the movie industry after diving into the depths of the unending ideas and creativity found in indie movies.

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