Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Different Types of Cult Films

In the broadest sense, “cult films” are movies that have gained a massive following. However, film enthusiasts and experts have attempted to add more structure to the definition of “cult films”. Although each enthusiast and expert have their own opinions, there are three different categories that are often used in discussing these films:

So Bad, It’s Good”

Sometimes, a concept can be so absurd and bizarre that viewers can’t help but love it. Common examples include “Sharktopus”, “Mega Piranha”, and “Sharknado”.

Aging like Fine Wine

There are times when a film is released, but does not achieve commercial success. However, people begin to appreciate the beauty of the film many years later. Prime examples of these include “Citizen Kane” and “The Big Lebowski”.

Feel Good

Feel good films are so popular simply because they are able to suspend the disbelief of their audience well, all the while showing an audience that very real problems can be overcome. At the same time, they offer fans a sense of community. A popular example would be “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”.

Regardless of which “category” a cult film falls under, there is no denying that these films are able to entertain millions at a level many other films simply cannot achieve. The next time you’re looking for a film to watch, try looking for a cult film that panders to your personality. You definitely won’t regret it.

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